FAQ-e006 : How to get the log data of "Vibroscope".

[Answer] In "Vibroscope" measurement data and time information are saved in iPhone as log data (text format). This log data can be imported to PC by iTunes file sharing.

The LOG file is output in text format with the following data strings:

Logging data strings : "Date and time", "X axis acceleration", "Y axis acceleration", "Z axis acceleration"
Acceleration data unit : m/s2

Log data can be transferred from an iOS device to a Mac or PC using the iTunes File Sharing feature. macOS Catalina and later can share files between an iOS device and a Mac using the Finder. For the information on files sharing between iPhone and PC/iTunes, please refer to the following Apple support site.

Connect the PC and iPhone with a USB cable.
Import log data from iTunes file sharing to PC.

For more information on iTunes file sharing, please refer to Apple's official support site.

# iTunes file sharing : https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301

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