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Vibroscope - Vibration Level Measurement and Analysis Tools

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"Vibroscope / Vibroscope Lite" is a vibration level measurement and analysis tools by using the iPhone's acceleration sensor in real-time. It allows you to monitor by visualizing the low-frequency vibration, such as inaudible by ear.

This app can be intuitively detected an acceleration amount, that displays the two-axial coordinates in the horizontal direction and the time-axis waveform in the vertical direction. It can be measured by determining the horizontal or vertical direction to suit the attitude of the iPhone, so as to be available in a placement of the floor and desk or Handheld.

In addition, "Vibroscope" is also equipped with the ability to analyze the frequency components of the low-frequency vibration by the FFT analyzer.

"Vibroscope Lite" is a free application that simplifies the measurement analysis function of "Vibroscope", and supports vibration level measurement function of Lissajous mode.

Also, the "GAL" unit of earthquake acceleration can be converted by multiplying the 100 in this app's measurement display value.

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In addition, if a detailed sound level analysis is required, it is recommended that you use our iPhone sound level measuring and analysis app "Sound Level Analyzer".

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Please to click the following link to Free download "Vibroscope Lite" from App StoreTM. It will be open the download page on App StoreTM.

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Products Information

# Product name : Vibroscope

Version : 1.1
Release date : May 5, 2016. UTC
Size : 481 kB
Recommendation : iPhone, Requires iOS 9.3 or later.

# Product name : Vibroscope Lite

Version : 1.2
Release date : June 10, 2016. UTC
Size : 2 MB
Recommendation : Compatible with iPhone. Requires iOS 9.3 or later.

Category : Utilities, Life style


# Common functionality

Measurement of vibrations : acceleration values [m/s2]
Real-time display : the horizontal direction - two-axial coordinates, the vertical direction - time-axis waveform.
3-axis composite acceleration display : compo.[m/s2] (yellow-line on the time-axis waveform).
Display of the peak acceleration level along X, Y, Z, 3-axis composition.
Switching of the sensor sampling period : Fast, Slow.
Timer measurement : Timer settings from 10sec to 60 seconds. "Vibroscope Lite" is fixed on 20 seconds.

# Proprietary functionality of "Vibroscope"

Optimized for iPhone, Compact code size.
Timer setting of measurement duration: 10sec - 1hour.
FFT Analyzer function
Peak Frequency display function on FFT mode.
Snapshot : Capture the measurement results with Time-stamp and GPS-location data to Camera-roll.
Location display function: measurement position information by GPS.
Location display control function.
Logging Function: save the measurement data (x,y,z) and time-stamp to LOG file. It can be output by "iTunes file sharing".


"Vibroscope" can be used in applications such as the following utilization examples:

In cases such as car traffic, to analyze the vibration and frequency components on the floor and walls.
To measure the howling level such as Audio equipment.
To detect the vibration and acceleration of train or automobile.
Check the sense of balance by the sensing of the horizontal direction of the body swinging.

Operation Mode

The view of "Vibroscope" is divided into three areas. It is consisted of Operation Mode Selection area, Measurement Display area, and Measuring Operation area, from top to bottom. However, there is no mode selection area to "Vibroscope Lite".

"Vibroscope" has four modes of the operation. By tapping the select button, and then the corresponding mode runs.

Depending on the operating mode, the contents of Measurement Display area are changed. The function of each Operation mode is as follows. In addition, it will start up in Lissajous mode at application startup.

"Vibroscope Lite" has only Lissajous mode for vibration level measurement.

Function of the operation mode is as follows. It will start in Lissajous mode at the time of application start-up.


[Operation Mode]
Lissajous : Vibration Level Measurement Mode (Default), "Vibroscope Lite" to run only this function.
FFT : FFT Analyzer Mode
Setting : Common settings - Timer and Privacy of measured location.
Inform. : Product information.

The access permission to the location information will be confirmed from the iOS system at the first start-up. Please enable access to the GPS location data.

Lissajous mode : Vibration Level Measurement

This mode makes the vibration level measurement in general. By tapping Start button to start the vibration level measurement, and it then stop by tapping Stop button.

In the display area, there are four settings button on the measurement display. The display speed will be changed in the display time button (FAST, SLOW). Measurement display will be able to shift the display range by up-down button ([+] or [-]).

In the operation area, there are START/STOP buttons, Numeric display button (VALUE), Snapshot button (SNAP), and a countdown timer display.

ss_vibroscope_main ss_vibroscopelite_main

Vibration level measurement displays the effective acceleration value and its maximum value (Peak).

It can be intuitively detected an acceleration amount, that displays the two-axial coordinates in the horizontal direction and the time-axis waveform in the vertical direction. By tapping the VALUE button, you can control whether to display numerical value.

It can be measured by determining the horizontal or vertical direction to suit the attitude of the iPhone. In the two-axis graph display, either the x-y-axis or x-z-axis or y-z-axis by the attitude of the terminal will be displayed.

In the time-axis waveform display, 3-axis composite acceleration (compo) is drawn in yellow line. Furthermore, each axis in the vertical direction, x-axis is the green line, y-axis is a red line, the z-axis is drawn in blue lines.

ss_vslite_top_yz ss_vslite_top_yz

Sampling period (Configuration measurement time)

By tapping the SLOW or FAST button, the sampling period of the acceleration sensor is specified. Please set it in accordance with the occurrence tendency and type of the measurement source. It is not possible to switch the SLOW / FAST during the measurement.

- [SLOW] : Default

- [FAST] : The sampling rate is faster.

Range of measurement display.

By tapping the button ([+]or[-]), you can specify the display range of the vibration level measurement. Please be set according to the magnitude of the acceleration of the measurement source.

- [+]: increase the display range.

- [-]: decrease the display range.

FFT mode : FFT Analyzer

This mode displays the frequency analysis results of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in the built-in FFT Analyzer. FFT analyzer performs a frequency spectrum analysis in the vertical direction vibration level as the input signal. At the bottom it will show the time-axis waveform of the vertical direction.

By tapping START button to start the vibration level measurement and displaying FFT Analysis, and it then stop by tapping STOP button. Measurement parameter settings in Lissjous mode will be reflected directly.


Snap Shot : SNAP

If you tap "Snap" button in Measuring Operation area, you can capture the measured image to Camera roll. It will be saved in PNG format. It is possible in all modes, Lissajous mode and FFT mode.

In addition, the saved the image will be inserted the information of GPS location (longitude and latitude) and time stamp (date and measured time data).

At the first time, the confirmation of access to the camera roll is required once from iOS system when you press SNAP button.

Measurement Value Display : VALUE

If you tap VALUE (VAL) button of the operation area, you can control whether or not to display the measured values for each measurement display graph. It can be set in Lissajous mode and FFT mode. Numerical display are allowed by default.

ss_vslite_top_val ss_vslite_top_xz

Common settings : SETTING

If you tap "SETTING" in the mode selection tab, you will see a common settings for each measurement mode. Timer measurement time settings and privacy settings are available.


Measurement Timer Set

If you tap "Period" button in Measuring Operation area, you can set a time for Measurement Timer. You can select the measurement time in the range of up to one hour from 10 seconds. The default time is 60 seconds.

Location Information Display control

In Lissajous mode, you can turn ON / OFF the display indication of the location information (GPS). From the point of view of privacy protection, please be used when you do not want to display the location information at the time of vibration measurement.

Data Logging

Measurement data and time information will be saved as a LOG file. LOG file can be external output using the iPhone - iTunes file sharing function, so it allows you to data analysis offline. If the location information display is permitted, the location information at the start of measurement will be stored in the logging data.

In addition, the logging data is output at a time interval of 1 / 10sec (100ms) regardless of the display period setting (FAST/SLOW).

The LOG file is output in text format with the following data strings:

Location GPS data : "latitude", "longitude" - first row only
Logging data strings : "Date and time", "X axis acceleration", "Y axis acceleration", "Z axis acceleration"
Acceleration data unit : m/s2

For the information on file sharing between iPhone and iTunes, please refer to the following Apple support site.

"File Sharing on iPhone : Info by Apple support"

Product Information:Info

By tapping the "INFO." tab in Mode selection area, it is displayed the product information. In "Vibroscope Lite", please tap the info button (i) on the control area. When you tap the "Support Information", Safari starts and you can see our support page. If you tap the "Other Apps Information", you will see our App's information on the "App Store".

Release Information

Vibroscope version 1.1 was released on May 5, 2016. UTC
Vibroscope version 1.0 was released on September 16, 2015. UTC

Vibroscope Lite version 1.2 was released on June 10, 2016. UTC
Vibroscope Lite version 1.1 was released on September 16, 2015. UTC
Vibroscope Lite version 1.0 was released on September 5, 2015. UTC


At the time of the first access to Location and Photos after installing the app, you will be asked authorization to access them by the iOS system. If you have not enabled this setting, the app can not access them by privacy restrictions of the iOS system. Please enable the access permission on the iOS setting, "Settings > Privacy > Photos or Location".

The location information is permitted only during the use of this application, external data transmission is never done. Position information display on the measurement screen in the Lissajous mode, you can be disallowed in the privacy settings.

In addition, in order to to continue the measuring operation in the background, "Settings > General > Auto-Lock" must be set to "Never". Please set this setting if you want to use the data logging.


Because there is variation and accuracy error by individual terminals and sensor devices, this application does not recommend the use in formal measurement. There is also a possibility that the accuracy error is accumulated when the vibration is large, it may not be appropriate measurement display. During in car driving or operating machinery, please do not use this app.

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